October 2023

The Golden Square: Attachment

Golden Square Part 2

"There are three basic attachment styles:


Securely attached. This is how most of us experience the world when we are very young. We handle new things with some curiosity, we trust that we and other people are basically good, and we feel relaxed enough when we are around people we love and trust that we can let people get close to us. "

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The Golden Square: Attunment

Golden Square Attunement

“Attuning means matching, or getting “in tune” with, someone else on a deep emotional level. There are some people who seem to have that magical knack for settling people down, just by talking quietly with them. Sometimes their simply being in the room brings the temperature down. These people probably don't have actual magic powers, or spells that only they know, to soothe that difficult person."

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The Golden Square

“I sometimes talk with my clients about their “inner weather,” a shorthand term for their sensations, feelings, and thoughts. We always work with that as the primary goal, rather than changing or fixing the people in that person's life. You are only in charge of the weather inside of you—you can't change somebody else's weather for them.

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