Management Consulting

We see every organization as a system, made up of connected and interdependent sub-systems. We know that making significant change in one area without considering the other areas of your agency creates problems with faulty communication, decreased efficiency and inconsistent quality.

We work from a well-researched "systems theory" perspective, not from the latest management fad. We work with you to find solutions and integrate them throughout your whole organization. In our wide range of business and management consulting, Aldridge Palay concentrates on four fundamental pillars of change:

  • Strategic Planning: Forming and articulating a targeted direction for your organization.

  • Change Management and Process Re-Engineering: Navigating transitions and implementing creative organizational growth.

  • Management Development: Equipping and strengthening management, the backbone of your organization.

  • Problem-Solving: Weathering the unexpected and learning from the experience.

As you can see, all of these can stand alone, but function best when they're interconnected-systems theory at work.

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