Lara Palay Delivered Keynote at the 2021 Ohio NADD Conference

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In July of 2021, Lara Palay delivered the second-day Keynote address at the 19th Annual Ohio Conference of the National Association of Dual Diagnosis (NADD). In “The Honor of your Presence Requested”, Lara shared stories and insights about being present for others’ pain.

Many in human services are more than supervisors, managers or administrators. They are sounding boards, support systems and even lifelines. Many of us play these roles not only at work but for family and friends. Lara has addressed the need for practical, effective self-care in her trainings and webinars. This Keynote explored the other half of the equation-how we care for others by listening with presence and skill.

The address was well-received by attendees of this virtual conference. Click the NADD State of Ohio banner below to view her keynote address.

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Photos by Jen Hearn, Jen Hearn Photography, Cleveland, Ohio, USA