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Our customers include state governments, large providers, small non-profits, social advocacy groups, faith-based organizations and policy think tanks.

With more than five decades of leadership in human services, Aldridge Palay Consulting can help you improve your services, train your staff and align your agency with your values.

Along with speaking, writing and teaching, Aldridge Palay Group offers customized consulting for agencies, for-profit entities and government departments and initiatives.

There are two reasons to hire a consulting firm: time and expertise. Many of our clients have the expertise to make changes in staff training, development, policy or efficiency, but they simply don’t have the time. Likewise, many of our clients have the time but lack the expertise. Aldridge Palay provides both.

We work with your agency to craft the best solution for you, whether in streamlining processes, planning and launching a new strategic direction, or updating current practices to reflect emerging science and evidence.

We don’t waste your time, we don’t waste your resources and we don’t do frivolous work.

AP can provide a wide range of consulting services in public, non-profit, and for profit sectors. We have forty years’ combined experience in mental health, developmental disabilities and other human service areas. Clinical practice and supervision, agency leadership and management and government policy are our wheelhouses. We can help you with yours.
Helping mission-driven organizations drive their mission.
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AP understands finance, entitlement funding and accountability, as well as spurring and managing growth and innovation.
Fortune 100-level consulting in pricing, cost
management and teamwork
Medicaid billing and utilization management
In-depth knowledge of business start-up
Management and Business
AP understands how people work, and how people work together.
Thirty years of clinical social work expertise
Clinical supervision
Graduate level faculty in clinical mental
health, organizational and community
Mediation and conflict resolution services
AP understands public policy.
Human services policy development and
Policy analysis and evaluation
Intellectual and developmental disabilities,
disabilities, behavioral health and health
Public Policy