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Kevin Aldridge
Kevin Aldridge is a managing partner of the Aldridge Palay Group

Mr. Aldridge earned his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religion from Judson University in 1981, and a Master’s degree in philosophical theology and ethics from Northern Seminary in 1984. Mr. Aldridge served for four years as Assistant Deputy Director for policy for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Mr. Aldridge was senior director at Dungarvin Ohio, LLC., a subsidiary of a nationally-based developmental disabilities service provider. Mr. Aldridge has also consulted internationally for Fortune 100 companies in the areas of change management and team organization. Mr. Aldridge also serves as the founding director of the Center for Systems Change.

Mr. Aldridge recently implemented a community assessment and planning initiative for autism in Kentucky and co-authored policy briefs on health and disabilities for the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

Mr. Aldridge teaches policy, social justice and organizational planning at the College of Social Work at the Ohio State University. He has also presented nationally on policy issues such as housing, employment and inclusion for individuals with disabilities.
Lara Palay
Lara Palay is a managing partner of Aldridge Palay Group.

Ms. Palay received her Bachelor’s degree in English from the Ohio State University in 1991, and her Master’s degree in clinical social work in 1998. She is an independently licensed social worker and psychotherapist, with 25 years’ experience working with adolescents, adults and families. She has also practiced privately for nearly twenty years and specializes in treating families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Ms. Palay was Senior Fellow at the Center for Systems Change, a think tank for disability policy. For three years prior, Ms. Palay served as the Project Manager for the Mental Illness/Developmental Disabilities Coordinating Center of Excellence (MIDD CCOE) for the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Ms. Palay speaks widely in the U.S. and internationally on mental illness and developmental disabilities, with a particular focus on trauma. She lectures on clinical social work for the Ohio State University’s Master of Social Work program. She is the author of numerous articles for the Center for System Change, and co-authored policy briefs for the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

Most recently Ms. Palay co-authored a series of articles for London newspaper City A.M. about psychological principles in international relations.